Spare me a thought once in a while,
will ya?

Even if you half way fear forgetting me
or that you would become a hazed memory of a twisted smile,
a different recollection of gestures evolving, always evolving…

Like I
think of you
when seated on the bench
of that sushi place
we used to use as creative office.
I do not regret
ordering that broth i don’t really want
but reminds me the warmth
of your embrace;

and maybe…

I truly hope you sometimes think of me, if possible,

not on purpose. In the same way it happens to me at times.

So I can trust our paths will cross (always) once more.

So I know this desire of forgetting, letting go
this burning ache of distances
this bitter taste of nostalgia
can be fought back.

Anchor me
—if I don’t cause you to sink—
to something that can link us


in some way…
Spare me a thought,
and smile

like we promised.