Para escribirme una nueva historia.



This poem as a polished armor

“Because everything is dusty, that’s why is necessary to feather your soul every once in a while” Abel D’andrea. Somehow my silence has become muddy. There are layers of muffled screams boiling under mis skin. Several metaphors singing in harmony.... Continue Reading →

“16” “32” “64”=“BS”

They tell us it’s 64. Perhaps a bit more. Certainly, more than its double. While we mourn by names (Not by numbers) With an unprecise grieve that scar our souls after we confirmed them multiplied by hundreds. They blow the... Continue Reading →

Hoy conocí gente nueva y bien chevere!

La poesía tiende puentes que uno no imagina. Hoy tuve una tertulia muy interesante con poetas de varios paises, gracias a la invitacion de Onda Amistad. Muy interesante/bonito como el castellano se habla tan distinto en muchos lugares. Pasé unos... Continue Reading →

A toast to Pavlov (or -Your name is a trigger-)

  When talking about love people give too much credit -I propose- to Freud. May I suggest that if we need to strangle cupid and give it stupid, trickster's corpse a proper burial It shall be Pavlov who digs the... Continue Reading →

short cute poem

Poemario en penumbras.

Durante los primeros 31 días luego del huracán María escribí este poemario. Es de libre acceso y si gustas puedes donar a través de paypal en Agradezco su patrocinio. Espero lo disfruten.   (descargalo aquí) poemario en penumbras


Y para ser más específico me seducen tus trapecios.

Alucino, a veces.

Agradecí tanto que sus hombros también pudieran, de vez en cuando, cargar mi cabeza vencida.

Spirit of the dead By Edgar Allan Poe, read by yours truly.

So I decided to do an audiobook of some poets who are in public domain. Starting with Poe and then a Spanish speaking poet. If you like this let me know. Spirit of the dead, by Poe

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