Para escribirme una nueva historia.



This poem as a polished armor

“Because everything is dusty, that’s why is necessary to feather your soul every once in a while” Abel D’andrea. Somehow my silence has become muddy. There are layers of muffled screams boiling under mis skin. Several metaphors singing in harmony.... Continue Reading →

Why create art? A half baked idea.

One may choose to become an artist in order to save themselves from a world that is too fetid and putrid. The same as one may create art overwhelmed at some point by overwhelming beauty. Why do you create?

Así de simple

Tu sonrisa es un caleidoscopio.

A toast to Pavlov (or -Your name is a trigger-)

  When talking about love people give too much credit -I propose- to Freud. May I suggest that if we need to strangle cupid and give it stupid, trickster's corpse a proper burial It shall be Pavlov who digs the... Continue Reading →

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